South Bucks Midweek Cycling Newsletter - November 2022

South Bucks Midweek Cycling Newsletter - November 2022

It's a slippery time of year with wet leaves, mush and mud so take care!  It is time to get those mudguards sorted out too for the sake of those following you.  I have added a rear mudflap too after comments were made that it wasn't as good as it looked!  I recall Tony Pennell's comment to me a few years ago; "I hope you didn't pay much for those mudguards"!

Feel free to share pictures of your exploits on our Facebook page or send them to me for possible publication.

Thinking of joining a ride for the first time?  We have a helpful page on our website which should answer most of your questions, but if you want advice please get in contact.

If you spot any interesting articles, cafe changes or want to contribute your observations, please let me know.

Kind regards and safe cycling,

Peter Robinson

Secretary, South Bucks Midweek Cycling